Friends come and go, but family is forever. Las Vegas brides, I’m not just talking about reasons you should let Mom have her way in a few wedding planning details. I’m talking about a new trend for the bridal party that will let your brother play an important role for your special day. Today, brides, it’s time to recognize that goofy kid you grew up with. For your Las Vegas weddings, exchange the traditional Maid of Honor for a modern Man of Honor.

Beaming brother, Ty Hansen, stood by his sister Laura's side as the Man of Honor for her April wedding.

Meet the Man of Honor

While your groom will always be the number one man in your life, there’s one other guy who means the world to you—your bro. As your right-hand man, he’s ready to stand by your side on your wedding day. He’s been with you through thick and thin, and his moral support means more to you than any girl friend’s ever could. As a result, let your brother be the one who has your back on your wedding day.

Make Sure He’s Comfortable

If you’d like a Man of Honor, first talk to your groom to receive his consent. Then ask your brother if he’d like this honor and if he’s comfortable with this decision. Your hubby-to-be and your brother have a right to refuse the offer, but the least you can do is ask.

Not your Typical MOH Duties

Sure, you can’t envision him planning your bridal shower or helping you arrange décor displays. But does he really have to? With a team of trustworthy female bridesmaids, you can spare your brother the grief of organizing girly gigs. Instead, let him help with other aspects of wedding planning. Maybe he can trim the lawn for your backyard wedding, retrieve the mail everyday and tally response cards, play chauffeur for out-of-town guests, or even work with the disc jockey to ensure all technical details are on target for the big day.

So proud of his lil' sis!

Suit, Shirt, and Shoes

As a member of the bridal party, your brother will need to maintain total masculinity while also blending well with the bridesmaids. Differentiate the Man of Honor from the groomsmen by giving him a tuxedo in a color palette that matches the bridesmaids. Taupe and green gowns? Let’s go with a brown suit for your bro. Teal dresses? Well, that color might be a little harder. Rather than make him wear a colorful suit, choose a neutral tone. Then let your brother sport a vest and tie to match brightly colored bridesmaid dresses. He’ll blend right in, but also display a distinct look.

Moral Support of Your Marriage

When you choose your brother to be your Man of Honor, you’re asking him to stand beside you and support you through one of the biggest moments of your life. That’s what his role is all about—moral support. Forget about what he can’t do (host a lingerie bridal shower, pick out the perfect polish, or do your makeup, like a typical Maid of Honor), and focus on what he can do. He can be there for you, every step of the way. He’s your brother, the Man of Honor.

Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs: first image by Debra Hansen, second image by Allyson Siwajian