I’ve officially been married for 6 months, 16 days, 1 hour, 6 minutes, 43 seconds as I’m writing this blog and I am still just glowing over all the details that made the day perfect for my husband and I in every way! My Las Vegas wedding was April 23, 2011. Many of you may have followed me through the planning process as it was all documented on this blog. Well today I’m here to share about how I brought together a few personal details that added a meaningful touch to my wedding and decor.

1. The bamboo in my table centerpieces

My Great Uncle Ray on my mom’s side hand cut all this bamboo for me and shipped all the way from Mtn. Rest, South Carolina to Vegas! It was a special, personal touch. Yeah there may have been other places to get bamboo but I can visit the home of this bamboo and have that as a special memory. Recently I got to visit the bamboo grove from which they were cut!

Bamboo Grove in South Carolina
Where My Bamboo was Cut

The bamboo grove sits right behind my Cousin Kim’s Cafe, (also called “Kim’s Cafe.) The bamboo stretches a good hundred feet high and is so thick you can’t see to the other side of the grove. It is absolutely breathtaking! I will have to bring my husband to see the grove some day.

Bambo centerpieces for the round tables scattered throughout the yard
Bambo centerpieces for the round tables scattered throughout the yard

2. My fan bouquet

My parents tied the knot 29 years, 8 months, 11 days, 2 hours, 6 minutes, 43 seconds ago as I’m writing this blog. That’s February 28, 1982. My mom wore a beautiful gown made by her mother and hand-embroidered by her step father. In her hand she held a beautiful lace fan with silk roses and cherry blossoms that cascaded down the front of her dress. As a little girl I would eye the bouquet as it rested on a shelf in her closet and occasionally play with it. My grandmother had made me plenty of dress up wedding dresses at that age and I loved playing wedding with my beautiful beach wedding gown and my mother’s timeless bouquet. Jump forward 16 years and I am engaged and I can’t imagine having anything other than a recreation of my mother’s own bouquet.

Pre-revamp bouquet
My Mother's Bouquet as is

The above picture is how the bouquet looked before it was recreated by the talented florists at Enchanted Florist. Enchanted Florist carefully removed the original silk flowers and returned them to us so that we could keep them for sentimental reasons. I was so excited to see the bouquet on my wedding day. The recreated with fantastic flowers, chosen for their ties to my theme, my preferences, and tradition. My bouquet contained Pink Peonies, White Dendrobium Orchids, Stephanotis, Cherry Blossoms, and Hanging Amaranthus.

Peonies, orchids, hanging amaranthus, and stephanotus
bouquet by Enchanted Florist

After the wedding my bouquet received one final makeover. My mother, who was once a florist and as I mentioned created her own bouquet, removed the fresh flowers and replaced them with carefully chosen silks so that my bouquet would last forever and someday It will be there for my little girl (If I’m am blessed and have a girl, you never know I could get ALL BOYS 0.0)

Revamp #2!
We recreated the bouquet once again

I’ll post more blogs to help you find some more ways that I made the little details of my wedding even more special. I’m sure there are plenty of cute stories, special memories, or keepsake items that you can include. Even if you aren’t full of ideas, Vegas is full of incredible wedding planners that want to help you find everything you want for your special day. Check them out on the Bridal Spectacular website and come see them at our January show!