This January, the Bridal Spectacular bridal show is catering to grooms too! Guys, we realize that the bridal show is the perfect opportunity to plan your Las Vegas weddings, but there’s only so many flowers, dresses, and pretty pieces of paper that a guy can handle in one evening. That’s why we’re creating a new feature at the bridal show that is meant with you in mind. Men, retreat to the Man Cave!

Designed to give grooms a genuine reason to look forward to an evening of wedding planning, the Man Cave gives guys a reprieve from one-stop shopping. It’s a way to relax, connect with other grooms, or even tackle a game with your very special girl. Thanks to Bridal Spectacular’s partnership with AGR Las Vegas, this is what our first-ever Man Cave will hold in store for grooms:

groom and groomsmen
The party's just beginning. (Photo: Lorenz Crespo)

Pool Table: Chalk up those cues, and gather ‘round for a relaxing game of pool. It’ll go well with those champagne samples from the catering booths.

Foosball: Now’s the time to show those skills you picked up in college! Grab a buddy for some two-on-two, or go solo against your competition.

Pinball: Callin’ all retro kings! Dominate the game, or just give it your best shot. Either way, this one’s guaranteed to keep you entertained!

Texas Hold’Em Table: “Poker Face” no longer applies to a Lady Gaga song. Bring it back to where it all started, and try your hand against a few, good-natured guys.

Shuffleboard: Practice your shuffleboard skills before you set off on your Caribbean cruise honeymoon. Your bride will be so impressed.

Ping Pong: Play a casual game to keep it easy, or take it up a notch with a little competition. Forrest Gump crew won’t be in attendance, so you have the chance to make it big time!

guys at car racing games
Ever played racing games at a bridal show before? This January, the arcade elements come to you, guys!

NASCAR Racing Games: Rev your engines and race your muscle cars to the finish line, with linked games that host good graphics. Gamer grooms, FTW!

Yes, finally something truly manly about bridal shows! Grooms, talk to your brides and decide how much time you both need to spend together on wedding planning and meeting vendors before you take off for the Man Cave. This way, you’ll dodge any unnecessary arguments and you’ll be able to have a say in planning your wedding day too.

Also, while the Man Cave is meant for men, it’s not off-limits to brides! Grooms, if you have a bride who likes a little competition, who isn’t into “girly stuff,” or who needs a break from planning throughout the show, then bring her with you. Together you can tackle the games and have a great time!

For the only Vegas bridal show that gives both brides and grooms exactly what they need, plan to attend Bridal Spectacular on January 20-21, 2012, at Cashman Convention Center. Buy Bridal Spectacular tickets online for $10.00 or at the door for $15.00. Don’t forget Friday is Date Night, so grooms get in for free. For more information, visit our website and view additional articles on this Las Vegas Wedding Blog.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Lorenz Crespo of LorenzFoto Weddings © 2011,  Nicole Kiel © 2010