“Live musicians and live music, it just adds an element that’s unmatched,” Tara Ogden-Skouson, harpist for Duo Mystiquie Flute and Harp, said at the Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

Together with her professional partner Bonnie Buhler-Tanouye, Tara Ogden-Skouson formed Duo Mystique Flute and Harp in 1997 to bring breathtaking live music to the Las Vegas valley. Perfect for wedding ceremonies and ideal for cocktail hours and dinners, Duo Mystique provides a classical, elegant sound that can even be customized for a modern twist. With their breadth of professional experience, musical accolades, and well-earned degrees, the team of Duo Mystique delivers a musical style unique to each bride and groom and tailored specifically to every event.

Duo Mystique plays at bridal show
Duo Mystique Flute and Harp performed at January's Bridal Spectacular.

“A lot of brides don’t think about live music,” flutist Buhler-Tanouye said at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show. “It’s not an essential thing on their list until they come to the show and hear us play. Then they realize that’s what they want.”

With live performances throughout Las Vegas and even recordings on their website, Duo Mystique offers brides and grooms the pleasure of hearing what they can expect before they book.

“It’s important for the brides to hear us and to see us,” flutist Buhler-Tanouye said, “[especially] for brides who really want the personal connection.”

Through these performances, brides quickly grasp the opportunities available through live music. For example, while Duo Mystique specializes in classical pieces, they can easily cater their flute and harp music to fit any wedding’s style.

“We’re kind of an elegant twist on a lot of different types of music,” flutist Buhler-Tanouye said. “So we’ve performed everything from Mozart and Bach to Harry Potter and Depeche Mode as they walk down the aisle. But flute and harp style.”

Harpist Ogden-Skouson agrees. Once Duo Mystique knows what the bride and groom prefer, they can tailor their musical pieces to fit the wedding’s tone.

“If a bride and groom want to get married in cowboy hats, we can play country,” she said. “Anything they want to do.”

From movie soundtracks to international inspiration to The Beatles, Duo Mystique truly excels at customizing their music to each event. But in addition to tailoring their musical style, Duo Mystique also can customize their sounds to match the mood throughout a wedding.

Duo Mystique plays at wedding
Bonnie (left) and Tara (right) of Duo Mystique Flute and Harp provide an elegant ensemble for live entertainment.

“The pacing of the music is just right because you have the musicians right there tailoring it to the event,” flutist Buhler-Tanouye said.

To cater to each event’s atmosphere, Duo Mystique also has the musical precision to expand beyond the usual and expected.

“We like to improvise,” flutist Buhler-Tanouye said. “We like to take a piece and just spin on it for a while and try something different.”

“Whatever the mood strikes,” harpist Ogden-Skouson said. “We’re very flexible, and we really enjoy taking special requests or any music that we haven’t heard before.”

From the traditional to the eclectic, Duo Mystique Flute and Harp provides brides and grooms with unique entertainment customized entirely to their weddings. Then with the added benefits of tailored pacing, professional experience to gauge the crowd’s mood, and the ability to improvise as needed, this duo gives couples an elegant alternative for their wedding music that brings the perfect personal touch to their special days.

“Live music,” harpist Ogden-Skouson said, “it makes it just that much more special.”

Buhler-Tanouye nodded. “You just get a completely different experience when the music is live.”

Brides and grooms, to experience exceptional performances by live musicians for your Las Vegas weddings, select only the best with Bonnie Buhler-Tanouye and Tara Ogden-Skouson of Duo Mystique Flute and Harp. View their website to learn more information and to preview sample recordings of their work. Then contact them through their website via e-mail or call their team at 702-461-1750.

For information about additional Las Vegas wedding live entertainment, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: first image by Allyson Siwajian, second image by Duo Mystique (as seen on their website)