I love the spirit of Fourth of July! Whether you enjoy this U.S. holiday for fireworks, family, or food, Independence Day always garners a sense of unity and free-spirited, celebratory fun. If that’s the feeling you want for your wedding day, why not take a little July 4th inspiration?

Be inspired by Fourth of July for a summer wedding!

You don’t have to wear a star-spangled dress (in fact, we’d rather you left that to the flag), but you can incorporate it in other ways. For a modern wedding with this inspiration, choose any date in the summertime to early autumn. Then skip the gaudy, present-day July 4th party decor, and look to the 1940s for some authentic American, vintage inspiration.

Beneath the Old Oak Tree: What better way to spend your summer than outdoors? Select a Las Vegas wedding venue with an outdoor ceremony location amidst lush grass and thick trees. While you can host an outdoor reception too, we do live in high-temperatures Las Vegas, so feel free to move indoors for a cool reception.

Anybody say: “Ahhh”?: Surprise guests with refreshing summer drinks. Serve chilled water in mason jars for guests to sip throughout the ceremony. Then at reception tables, provide pitchers of lemonade with fresh strawberries or try ginger ale with blueberries. Lastly, what could be more classic than bottled Coca-Cola?

Red, White, and Blue: For a vintage touch, put a spin on this classic color combo. Dress groomsmen in khaki suits with blue gingham shirts. Then give this color scheme an extra accent color, and dress bridesmaids in canary yellow. This soft color instantly lightens the occasion, making it perfect for a summer’s day.

Get your Kicks: The color scheme isn’t the only way to customize attire. Wear a short, white, wedding dress to display a pair of peep-toe heels in red or navy blue. Pucker up with a bright, red pout. Then don a birdcage veil reminiscent of women’s 1940s veiled hats.

Love your Hero: Don’t forget to customize your man’s look too. Add a print bowtie, custom cufflinks, or a slick Sinatra hat. For a casual event, try a pair of off-white Chuck Taylor tennies like Captain America wore. Now your groom’s guaranteed to be your personal hero!

Pop, Pop, Pop: For summer, try a fruit salad bar. Present stem glasses filled with raspberries. Add plates with watermelon wedges, and offer berry tarts in tiny tins. Have a sweet tooth? Include ceramic plates with peanut butter cookies, or even hire Sweet Sensations or Popcorn Girl to create flavorful, colorful concoctions that will withstand the heat.

antique mailbox for letters
Create a vintage experience in all decor, even in this classic way to collect cards.

Great American Authors: Love literature? Name your reception tables after your favorite novels by U.S. authors. Think The Great Gatsby, The Call of the Wild, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Gone with the Wind… You get the idea.

Born to be Wild: Fourth of July celebrates freedom, so why not give your bouquet a little leeway? Ask your florist to use wildflowers, including your favorite flowers that could be found roadside on a trip across the U.S.A.  Need classic blossoms? Try white Gerbera daisies, blue hydrangea, goldenrods, wild roses, baby’s breath, or pale pink carnations.

Star and Stripes: Capture vintage, all-American flair in your décor’s accents. Use ribbons with thin red-and-white stripes in your centerpieces. Tie blue-checkered ribbons around mason jars with votive candles. Find an antique suitcase to collect cards. Add twine to menu cards. Wrap your bouquet with lace. Use a burlap runner for the sweetheart table. Think texture; be timeless!

Enjoy the summer, Las Vegas brides, and best wishes for your weddings!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Anna Langova, Allyson Siwajian