Weddings in Las Vegas take on many shapes and sizes, in door or out door, at a country club or in a restaurant, these beautiful ceremony settings will create the wedding ambiance that you will not only long remember but give a fabulous background for your photos.

For our daughters backyard wedding we had a gazebo and we wanted it decorated with flowers.  Our florist worked with us to create an arch of roses in peache and ivory.  The look was exactly what we had hoped for. Whatever your theme or color family, your florist can create something that will make sure your Las Vegas wedding is exactly what you want it to be.

Backyard Ceremony Roses by Naakiti Floral

The new 2013 issues of Spectacular Bride will also be featuring some amazing new ceremony scenes.  It will be released on January 18 at the bridal show at Cashman center.

What are the basics of creating an amazing wedding setting?

1.  Choose a florist who has experience in designing and installing. You want it to not only be beautiful but you want it to stay standing for the ceremony no matter what the weather brings.

2.  It should create a background for your photos that will still show up even when you and your groom are standing in front of it.

3.  The theme should coordinate and enhance the rest of the wedding day floral themes.

From East Indian themes, to Silver branches, birch brances, tents, chuppahs, or layers of swagged chiffon, there are limitless possibilities to setting up your ceremony setting.  The images below come from two of Las Vegas’ top wedding florists.  You can meet all of Las Vegas’ top florists at the next Bridal Spectacular.

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  1. I absolutely adore outdoor wedding ceremonies. And getting those creative & beautiful florals are sure to make the wedding images outstanding. 🙂

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