Planning your dream wedding means you are also planning your dream life together, including possibly buying a new home. And, if you are trying to plan your wedding at the same time as purchasing or selling a home, you may run into some serious time constraints as well as a lot of stress. That is where Bridal Spectacular’s next vendor spotlight comes in — Your Wedding Realtor!

About Your Wedding Realtor

Experienced in the real estate industry for over 14 years, Lita Goodwin and Will Woodward had a friend who was getting married in New York and she contacted them to see if they could help her find a concierge type of broker. She wanted someone who could accommodate her busy schedule and show her houses at 8pm at night or meet her after a dress fitting when both her and her fiancé were available. This sparked a great idea for Lita and Will and they created Your Wedding Realtor!

Your Wedding Realtor offers personal service to newlyweds, recently engaged, or couples looking to reinvent their living arrangements. Their services include investment and vacation property purchases, new home purchases, selling of current properties, short sale services, relocation to and from Las Vegas, rentals, property management, and general real estate advice. Their team understands that there are a lot of things on your “to do list” when planning a wedding, so they make sure that the service they offer is unparalleled and will fit into your already hectic schedules.

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What Makes Your Wedding Realtor Different?

Lita said, like most other real estate companies, they sell, lease, buy and do property management. However, what makes them unique is the fact that they understand timelines and other pressing issues related to planning a wedding and buying a house at the same time. Lita said “we understand that any moment that WE get during the wedding process is a gift, and we make the most of it.” If they need to go to a bakery with a bride for her to sign paperwork, they will. Or, if they need to meet a groom at a tux fitting to have him review some documents, they don’t mind at all. At the end of the day they truly work around a couple’s needs and hectic schedules.

Lita said their motto is “Your Happily Ever After Begins in Your New Castle.” The team at Your Wedding Realtor is there to make the dream of home ownership happen. If not today, they are able to place their newlyweds or engaged couples on a path that will get them there eventually. They understand that every couple has different needs: some couples may buy before marriage, some may wait until after, and maybe there are some couples that want to wait all together and just want information now. Your Wedding Realtor is there to help and offer advice to put each couple of the best path for them.


Tips For the Couple-To-Be

For tips, Lita said planning a wedding is like buying a house. There are many ups and downs, emotions, wants and needs, but she always reminds couples to take a moment and to reflect on each other. When the cake is gone, the flowers have wilted, the music has stopped playing, and the dress has been preserved; the two of you in love is what remains — Happily Ever After!

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