While we regularly talk about what is expected of the bride, groom and the bridesmaids at a wedding, we don’t often dig too deep into what the guys are supposed to do to support the bride and groom. So, we at Bridal Spectacular created a dedicated blog breaking down the duties of your groomsmen!

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Some grooms may ask more from their guys, while and others may just want them to attend the bachelor party and be there for moral support. Although every wedding and couple is different, here are some of the most common groomsmen duties:


  • Pre-Wedding Events: Supporting the bride and groom is your primary duty as a groomsman. Make sure to attendee all of the pre-wedding festivities, such as the engagement party, bachelor party, and rehearsal dinner.
  • Attire: Just like the bridesmaids, groomsmen generally have to buy their own wedding attire. However luckily for the guys, you can rent a tux for much less than what the bridesmaid dresses cost. Just be sure you get fitted well before the wedding day so any last-minute adjustments can be made!
  • Bachelor Party: Though the bachelor party is primarily the best man’s responsibility, it’s great for all the groomsmen to help plan it as well. If you’re unable to help with the planning, at least make sure you attend.
  • Getaway Car: This duty is not as significant as the others, but it’s a fun bonding experience with the bridesmaid. The entire bridal party can help decorate the bride and groom’s getaway car so you can send them off in style!
  • Wedding Gift: In addition to being a groomsman, you also have to get the couple a wedding present. Consider teaming up with the other groomsmen to help save a little money and get the bride and groom one big super gift!

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The Wedding Rehearsal
The wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner are some of the most important and fun times for the entire bridal party. During the wedding rehearsal, you will meet your fellow wedding party members, if you haven’t already. You will also do a complete run through of the ceremony, as well as receive any of other instructions for the grand entrance, photos, and wedding day speeches. Then at the rehearsal dinner, you’ll generally get a delicious meal (for free!) and this is the time where all of the groomsmen get to give their embarrassing speeches to the groom!


The Wedding Day

  • Getting Ready: Just like the girls, the groom and his groomsmen generally meet in one location to get ready for the wedding. Make sure you’re on time and smile for all of those pre-wedding photos!
  • Moral Support: More than likely the groom is going to be pretty nervous. The job of the groomsmen is to help keep him calm and please make sure he eats before the wedding. Once the bride and groom walk down the aisle there is little to no time for them to eat!
  • Escort Guests: While the girls don’t usually make their appearance until the wedding officially begins, the groomsmen should be prepared to serve as information central and direct guests to the restroom and to their seats as they arrive.
  • Walk Down the Aisle: As a member of the bridal party, groomsmen get to be a part of the wedding ceremony. You will either escort a bridesmaid down the aisle or walk out with the groom, depending on which option the couple has selected.
  • Photos, Photos, Photos: After the ceremony the groomsmen along with the bridesmaids and the couple’s families will need to take wedding photos during the cocktail hour. And be prepared, the photos can often last the entire hour!
  • Grand Entrance: To kick-off the wedding reception, the bridal party generally joins the bride and groom in making their grand entrance. The entrance is completely different for each wedding, but it could be anything from doing full a choreographed dance, or just entering the reception site to fun music. Also get ready to soak-up the limelight, as the DJ normally introduces each member of the bridal party!
  • Hit the Dance Floor: After the bride and groom finish their first dance, the groomsmen are expected to jump on the dance floor along with the bridesmaids to help encourage the other guests to dance as well.
  • Clean Up: After the wedding is over, the bride and groom will likely already be gone and the groomsmen generally help cleanup as necessary and carry the gifts to the car to ensure nothing is left behind.


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Photo by Dave Lite Photography.
Photo by Dave Lite Photography.