Bridal Spectacular features a Las Vegas wedding captured by Ella Gagiano Studios.

What began as two 11 year-olds attending Hebrew School together turned into happily ever after when Taylor and Jeff said, “I Do” during their gorgeous autumn wedding at The Revere Golf Club.

To help plan their dream wedding, the couple attended one of our lovely Bridal Spectacular shows to get them started. After all of their research, Taylor and Jeff selected Ella Gagiano Studios to document their special day.

Thank you both for letting Bridal Spectacular share your gorgeous Las Vegas wedding with our readers!

A Glimpse at Taylor and Jeff’s Wedding

As featured in the spring edition of Spectacular Bride Magazine, Taylor and Jeff’s wedding took place at The Revere Golf Club with a stunning alfresco reception followed by an elegant indoor reception. This venue was sentimental to the couple because The Revere is where Taylor’s Bat Mitzvah reception took place 13 years, four months and three days before their wedding day. During the Bat Mitzvah, Jeff asked for Taylor’s phone number when he was 13 years old and she was 12 and then the couple began dating afterward. So, getting married at The Revere brought everything full circle for the couple.

What made the wedding so special for Taylor is she wore the same headpiece that her mother wore on her wedding day, which made both her and her mother incredibly happy. What made the day special for Jeff was his wedding speech where he talked about how he and Taylor met.

“This speech was a moment on my mind since we picked a date for our wedding,” Jeff said. “This was my time to talk and for the world to listen. I got to talk about how I met and fell in love with my soul mate. I was prepared to read off a nice speech, but as the moment came I decided to just improvise with humor and a heart full of love. After a few laughs and some fine memories, I couldn’t hold back from getting choked up as I finished my speech. There were over 150 people at our wedding looking at me. I didn’t shake or feel any nerves, but as I turned and addressed my wife, I could hardly speak another word. That was a moment I’ll never forget.”

To make future brides and grooms weddings just as special as theirs, Taylor and Jeff provided this fantastic advice to help you have your dream wedding:

  1. Your wedding day will fly by very quickly. Take plenty of time during your wedding with your partner to stop and really take in how special your day is. It is your day that is just about the two of you. Take moments to appreciate the way everything looks, to appreciate how you both feel, and how everything and everyone came together for your special day.
  2. Do not expect “perfection.” Perfect is an unrealistic ideal that will set you up for disappointment. If something did not happen in the exact, perfect way that you wanted… do not sweat the small stuff. Focus on what went right and that you are marrying your best friend.
  3. Make sure you EAT at your wedding AND that you make time to walk around and socialize with all of your guests at their tables. What worked for us was to quickly eat our salads and then speak to half the room before our entrees arrived. Then we ate our entrees and spoke to the second half of the room before the speeches.
  4. Choose the way you want your reception to look as one of your first visual decisions. Determine the concepts of your theme/ambiance, color scheme of the room, and centerpiece style before selecting what color you want your bridal party dresses to be. If you choose your gowns first, you might regret your color choices once you go to speak with your florist and other decor professionals.
  5. Definitely attend Bridal Spectacular! We found most of our vendors when my mom and I went to the expo. We ended up using 12 vendors/services that I met at the expo, plus we had also gotten great honeymoon information at the event as well. It was great having all of the wedding professionals in one place to talk to and see samples of their work as well as being able to book future appointments with them.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse of Taylor and Jeff’s incredible wedding day as captured by Ella Gagiano Studios!

Bridal Spectacular thanks these amazing Las Vegas wedding professionals

Thank you to the Las Vegas wedding professionals that helped make Taylor and Jeff’s beautiful wedding possible:

  • Ceremony & Reception Location: The Revere Golf Club
  • Photographer & Videographer: Ella Gagiano Studios
  • Wedding Coordinator: Brittany Pfeiffer at The Revere
  • Wedding Hair & Makeup: Dawn Reveles
  • Florist: Naakiti Floral Design
  • Wedding Invitations: Visionary Pen
  • Entertainment: DJ Tony of Pure Energy Productions
  • Photo Booth: Rock Paper Bloom
  • Caterer & Specialty Desserts: The Revere Golf Club
  • Wedding Cake: Las Vegas Custom Cakes
  • Officiant: Philip Goldstein
  • Wedding Dress: Wedding Belle in Arizona
  • Tuxedos: Friar Tux Shop
  • Bridesmaid Dresses: Silhouette Bridal

About Ella Gagiano Studios

Ella Gagiano beautifully combines high-end, creative and artistic photography with a sense of effortlessness and fun. Capturing special moments that should be treasured forever and the love that people feel makes going out each day a pleasure. “For love is the reason for living.”

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Photos: Ella Gagiano Studios | Author: Deidre Bakker-Riches